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Wall Paintings – A History of Wall Art

Wall paintings are also known as Murals. They can usually be made on a painted wall using some sort of image projector or a wall mural machine. A key feature of murals is that they integrate architectural features seamlessly into the art. Since most wall murals are considered decorative and not functional, many people do not use them in their homes.


One of the most popular types of wall paintings is the kind that makes use of photographs. These can include still shots or moving images. Others might use photographs of celebrities and family members. Still others might use popular music themes. Paintings and sculptures also make great wall paintings. Many people even choose to buy abstract paintings and designs.


Another type of wall paintings is those made with conservation in mind. Conservation is something that is considered to be an important aspect when it comes to making fine art or any kind of decorative item for that matter. When making wall murals with conservation in mind, you will have to make sure that the image is protected from anything that could damage it. One way to ensure that the image stays in good condition is to cover it with certain materials that can protect its surface.


Some types of wall paintings make use of materials that are made specifically for conservation. An example of this is frescoes. Frescoes are designed to be used outdoors because they are water resistant and therefore very easy to use. The paint that is used is quite thick so that it can withstand the weather. Water is also repelled away from the surface of the frescoes through the special properties of the paint. The water will simply run off the fresco rather than sitting on it causing it to get moldy.


One type of wall painting that makes use of frescoes is called a lime wash. This style originated in ancient Italy and is one of the most popular types of wall paintings being used today. Lime wash wall paintings are generally done on pieces of plaster that are very large. For example, a painting may be done on a wall that is two feet by two feet. In order to create the effect of a lime wash, the surface of the plaster must be extremely clean as otherwise the lime deposits will not adhere to it.


Wall paintings have been around for a long time and they are a great way for you to add a little bit of culture to your home. There are a number of different styles available when it comes to creating custom wall paintings. If you want a more traditional look then you will want to choose traditional styles like the Roman frescoes. If you want something a little bit more modern than you might go with modern wall paintings like abstract designs.

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