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Bathroom Remodeling – How to Lower Your Remodel Cost

A bathroom (sometimes called a lavatory, washroom or bathroom), is usually where folks go to perform all hygiene activities, particularly for those who don’t have the time to shower after taking a shower. This may include use of the restroom, brushing their teeth, shave their head, take a bath or just take a shower. In some cases, this room may also include a sink, a hair basin or a “hand basin,” which holds brushes, towels or washcloths. Some lavatories have facilities such as electrical power, ventilation systems and telephone lines, so that phone calls could be made without having to use the commode.


The bathroom has two main units: the sink and the toilet. Both are elongated shapes made from concrete and topped with a glazed ceramic tile or stone surface. At the bottom of the sink is a trap or septic system. The toilet, being flushing by means of water, is placed directly in front of the sink with the bowl, or commode, at the back. The toilet is a separate unit that has a seat, a tank, a seat and a back or seat base.


Many people like to “bathtub” their bathrooms. This simply means creating a large bathtub with an attached shower attached to the side of the tub. These tubs are available in many different sizes and shapes. Usually there is a separate “bathtub” for washing your hair, relaxing on and generally enjoying one’s bath. Most people have more than one of these in their bathrooms; in fact, some of them are so big, it is difficult to imagine them without one!


Most commodes are straight and unobstructed, but it is typical to have curves around the perimeter. The toilet bowl usually rests on the curve of the commode, which rests atop the trap. Showers are traditionally the largest user of space in a bathroom. In some smaller bathrooms, they are the only fixture used. In these smaller bathrooms, it is typical to have a small sink located over the toilet and/or a commode. In larger bathrooms, the sinks are typically attached to the walls in a semi-circle shape.


In some bathrooms, a semi-circular sink sits on top of a tub or a medicine cabinet. In other bathrooms, the sink can be lined up with a cabinet beneath the bathtub and/or shower. Bathtubs and showers are typically made of ceramic, porcelain or glass. In most bathrooms, both a toilet and a bathtub are included in the bathroom package. In addition, you may find additional features such as cabinets below the sink or a built-in bench in today’s bathroom trends.


When remodeling your bath or putting your bathroom on the market for sale, be sure to ask about options such as showers with built-in benches, built-in toilets, custom cabinetry, and hand held mirrors. These options can add more value to your home when adding them later as your remodel cost. Be sure to choose an experienced, licensed, and insured contractor for your bathroom project. Ask him about options for lowering your remodel cost by changing out an item such as the bathtub or replacing a drain. Changing out an item like a bathtub, however, should not be done until the entire bathtub is in good repair and the color, style, and size of your home’s bath are perfect.

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