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Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities come in all shapes and sizes and can make or break your bathroom’s look. Choosing one that is right for you and your family will make taking a bath in the morning even more relaxing and enjoyable. The bathroom vanities on the market today are designed with a variety of looks in mind. You can get the traditional, contemporary, woodsy look, or even a very modern look to match your decor.

A bathroom vanity is basically a storage cabinet in the bathroom, usually designed to store bathroom supplies, hygiene products, and medication. They are normally placed above sinks or on top of toilets. You can find bathroom vanities made of metal, glass, or wood. Wood vanity tops can add a nice touch of color to your bathroom and provide extra storage space for toiletries and bathroom cabinets.

When choosing bathroom vanities, you need to be sure that they match the style of the rest of the room, as well as your budget. A common mistake with many people is to choose a style of vanity that is too high or low for their height requirement. To choose the right height for your bathroom vanities, measure from the top of the countertop to the floor where the top of the vanity will be when it is fully installed.

When choosing bathroom vanities, you need to know which type of cabinets you would like to install. There are single bathroom cabinets, double bathroom cabinets, and even triple bathroom cabinets. If you are looking to save space, then choose a cabinet that does not have drawers and/or shelves. These types of cabinets take up the least amount of space, but if you want to keep everything organized, then you may want a more organized design.

The material your bathroom vanity cabinet is made of will greatly affect the price. Wood cabinets cost the most because they are the most durable and they also last the longest. They can also come in any standard height and can be finished in different stains. Metal cabinets, while cheaper than wood, are often made of inferior materials and will rust over time.

The color and finish of your bathroom vanity will determine its price. White vanities tend to be the most inexpensive choice. Some people however, may find the color to be too bland. Because of this, there are an extensive range of colors available today, including natural colors like light wood and dark marble. You can even purchase a white bathroom vanities cabinet with a gold faucet; this combination of colors will cost more than a typical white vanity, but it is unique and will make your bathroom cabinets even more unique.

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