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How to Choose Bathroom Curtains

Curtains provide soft surfaces and can enhance a bathroom’s aesthetic. When selecting bathroom curtains, select options that complement a room’s design theme as well as coordinate with bathroom linens and accessories.

Lightweight fabrics make ideal bathroom curtains due to being easier to maintain and less likely to promote mildew growth. Natural fibers like cotton or linen add luxurious feel while synthetic materials such as polyester mimic the look of natural fibers at an economical price point.

Light and privacy

Bathroom curtain ideas can bring light into dark corners and add visual interest. Select neutral hues that create a soothing atmosphere or add visual interest with floral and nature prints, for an understated yet sophisticated aesthetic try fabric such as cotton or linen for textured fabrics with soft textures like these.

If you prefer an understated look, choose simple window treatments like blinds or half plantation shutters that won’t warp or discolor in response to moisture exposure. With such simple window treatments you can control how much light enters by rotating their slats or opening and closing blinds according to your needs.

Frosted window film offers another simple yet effective solution for customizing privacy with patterns and designs of your choosing. Frosted areas obscure views while clear sections allow natural light into your room. When installing this type of window treatment, make sure it extends 10 inches above your trim and 6 to 8 inches wider than your windows for best results.

Access to natural light

Curtains in your bathroom window can help keep it open without blocking views or dimming natural light. Sheer fabric curtains in soft hues of white or pastel add romance while still letting in sunlight – plus their neutral colors coordinate well with nearly every decor theme!

Lace or linen curtains add a classic charm to the room, letting in summer breezes or providing extra warmth during winter showers. Linen also has an inviting texture which pairs nicely with bath tubs.

If you don’t like blocking out views with curtains, consider installing frosted glass windows instead to let in natural light while maintaining privacy and insulation. Frosted windows make a nice addition to any bathroom in first-story homes or any home overall – they create more insulation and can help regulate temperatures more easily! They may also help make heating or cooling your space easier.


Curtains provide privacy in bathrooms while keeping splashing water, soap and debris from reaching windows, which in turn may reduce infection risks in those with compromised immune systems and have even been proven to inhibit pathogenic bacteria such as methylobacterium, sphingomonas and mycobacteria (Steed and Falkinham III 2004).

For powder room ideas with only a toilet and sink, a simple curtain may do just fine. Since these spaces don’t need to be splashproof or watertight, fabrics that can easily be cleaned may make for the best choice for this kind of decor.

Opting for floral-patterned curtains in pastel shades to bring a soothing ambience, geometric solid patterns to complement a sleek contemporary aesthetic or natural cotton and linen drapes adorned with ruffled hems will be great additions for country or shabby chic styles – or pairing the pattern with hooks will work great for an industrial aesthetic.

Outdoor use

Shower curtains provide an easy and affordable way to add vivid splashes of color into any bathroom, without making permanent commitments like painting walls or installing permanent fixtures. Choose soothing hues such as powder blue for an elegant spa vibe; bold navy for nautical or preppy style; soft blush for vintage charm or olive green for eclectic boho vibes – there is sure to be the right shade.

Consider patterned curtains for an instant boost of color or to add depth and texture with waffle, jacquard or diamond patterns. Additionally, there may be decorative elements such as ruffles, tassels and pompom trim that add further embellishments.

Powder rooms or cloakroom ideas with only a toilet and sink can accommodate almost any curtain style since there is less moisture present in the space. But bathrooms with tubs or showers require more thoughtful approach when selecting their curtains – for instance this gauzy linen design feels luxurious while keeping your bathroom feeling refreshed all year long.

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