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How to Choose the Best Metal Roofing

Steel is the most common metal roofing material. It can range in price from about $400 to $1200 per square, depending on the finish and the thickness of panels. Stainless steel roofing requires proper drainage methods to prevent galvanic corrosion. This material also requires little maintenance, making it a popular choice for residential roofing. However, stainless steel roofing can be expensive, so it is not recommended for every home. Read on to learn more about this roofing option.

Coastal areas may be more suited to livelier and brighter colors. Patina Green, Slate Blue, and Aged Copper are popular colors in coastal areas. Metallic colors can also be custom-ordered. Coastal area residents can request a sample of metal roofs in their preferred colors to make the final decision easier. If you choose to use a metal roofing manufacturer, it is important that you provide a list of the materials you need for the project.

Before installing metal roofing, you need to know a few things. You should consider whether the metal is made from zinc or steel. Although steel has a superior rust-resistant feature, aluminum is not the best choice in coastal areas. Aluminum is another material to consider, but it can rust and is not as durable as steel or copper. Zinc is another great option for homes in coastal regions. Each type of metal roofing has its pros and cons.

Another type of metal roofing is known as exposed fastener. Screws are inserted through the panel and are visible. This method leaves little room for expansion, causing the panels to expand and contract and create holes. Because the panels are made of metal, they may require replacing screws as needed. Otherwise, these types of metal roofs may last for decades, even centuries. Despite this drawback, they are the most durable. When choosing a metal roofing system, it is important to make sure you understand the differences between corrugated panels and standing seams.

Copper roofs have long been considered the father of metal roofing and have been used on homes all over the world. Copper is a long-lasting and strong metal, and roofs made from copper are typically over 200 years old if installed properly. Moreover, copper is 100% recyclable, which makes them the ideal option for green roofs. Copper roofs are also the most expensive but are also the most environmentally friendly. It will save energy and maintain internal temperatures.

If your house is built in the 1950s or 1960s, you may want to consider installing standing seam metal roofing. These homes are great examples of early modern architecture, with clean brick lines and modular layouts. Many of these homes have been renovated and are now inhabited by families who have updated lifestyles. Standing seam metal roofs complement this style perfectly with their low-profile and crisp lines. So, whether your house is built in the 1950s or 1960s, standing seam metal roofing may be the perfect choice for you.

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