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Roofing Glass – Choosing the Right Type of Roofing Glass For Your Project

Glass roofs can be an elegant way to bring natural light into key rooms of your home or building, yet it is imperative that the right type of roofing glass be selected for your project.

IQ Glass uses toughened laminated safety glass for its roof glazing to provide added safety measures that ensure broken pieces will stay together and not fall on people below.


When designing a glass roof design for your home, it is essential to keep in mind the weight of the glass. If your glass weighs significantly more than expected, steel supports may be necessary; these structures can withstand increased weight while still remaining secure and safe.

IQ’s innovative glass roofing solution is engineered to be lightweight yet highly durable. Comprised of glass panels secured to an insulated boarding system designed specifically to provide thermal insulation without degrading over time, the solution allows snow and ice to melt faster and decreases energy-intensive heating systems by melting snow quickly.

Patent glazing structures often employing this structural concept can be found at train stations and covered markets across the nation, where glass must first be toughened and heat soaked before installation; safety regulations require panes above 5 meters from floor level be laminated for added protection.

Easy to install

Glass ceilings in homes can greatly enhance their spaces by reflecting light and creating an airy feeling, as well as restricting ultraviolet rays from entering interior spaces of a building. Unfortunately, there can also be drawbacks to having one: improper installation can result in leakage of water and dust into interior spaces during rainfall events, possibly creating issues within.

IQ Glass utilizes toughened laminated safety glass in its roof glazing systems. This glass boasts very high strength, featuring an interlayer designed to hold broken pieces together so they won’t fall onto people below.

Roof glazing glass is easy to install without needing special tools, making installation a simple task that doesn’t require extensive training for installation or use. Installation options include standard masonry materials or concrete slab, steel roof structures or using it with rope access technicians who have gone through extensive training programs.

Energy efficient

Glass roofs are energy efficient, provide natural lighting and add significant value to your property. Affordable options with various designs and colors available make installing one an easy process; not to mention adding aesthetic appeal and increasing its resale value!

Rooflight glass quality is of utmost importance in its performance, as a good specification must withstand wind loading and frame deflection loads that might be applied. Note: these factors depend on factors such as site location and construction method.

Rooflights are not only designed for thermal efficiency but also safety. Their insulating properties will ensure that you use less heating in winter, lowering energy bills.

Low maintenance

Glass roofs can add value and style to your home. However, they require regular upkeep in order to stay looking their best; cleaning with either a soft brush or microfiber cloth on a telescopic pole should do just the trick – be sure to remember ladder safety!

Specialist coating can help your glass become self-cleaning and reduce the need for manual cleaning, but will still need to be maintained every six months to remove dirt build-up from its surfaces.

Start by spraying your glass roof with a garden hose and gently scrubbing it using a brush attachment on a telescopic extension pole with water, before gently scrubbing with an abrasive cleaner such as ammonia or bleach, before rinsing and drying it thoroughly. Avoid any harsh cleaners like ammonia or bleach that contain ammonia; these could discolour both frame and glass surfaces and scratching brushes or squeegees which might damage its finish over time.

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