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Revamping Your Home Office For Productivity and Creativity Boosters

Whether you are a professional remote worker or simply need to get work done from home, the office you create directly impacts your productivity. But, that doesn’t mean your workspace needs to be sterile and boring!

Revamping your home office doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, a few simple changes can have big impacts on your motivation and productivity!

1. Invest in a Good Desk

When it comes to boosting productivity in your home office, the right desk is critical. The desk must be sturdy, ergonomic and large enough to handle your workspace needs, and it should be a good fit for your space.

Consider incorporating storage into your desk. A desk with a cabinet or cubby is ideal in a small room, and it also adds a sophisticated look. Incorporate shelving into your desk design, or opt for a slim, steel wire basket or bin to store books, supplies and more. You can even hang a metal grid to display photos and artwork, like designer Corey Damen Jenkins did in this home office.

To keep your home office organized, create a system that works for your workflow and personality. For example, if you prefer 4 manageable paper piles (Action, File/Scan, Shred and Recycle), use them, and make it a point to sort and clear your desktop each night. Also, invest in a mail station with labeled folders for incoming and outgoing paperwork and bills.

2. Get Organized

Clutter can make a workspace feel unnecessarily messy, and distracting. A clean and organized space can help boost productivity. Start by decluttering and getting rid of any non-work-related items that might be in your workspace. Old papers, random mugs and toys can all get in the way of your workday. Keeping a system of cleaning up and putting things away on a regular basis will help you maintain a tidy space.

Organize your home office using open bins, drawers and shelves rather than stacking items on top of one another. Stacking requires extra steps and makes it harder to keep track of where items are, says Sara Losonci of Shelfie NYC. Having open bins or drawers to put things in is simpler and easier to keep tidy.

While commercial office spaces tend to be toned down, you can incorporate color and personality into your home office space to inspire creativity and boost productivity. You can also add personal touches, like family photos or motivational quotes, to make the space feel more inviting.

3. Create a Calming Space

Having a dedicated work area will help you avoid answering emails on the sofa or working from the coffee table. It also creates a clear line between work and home life so you’re not distracted by chores or distractions at home.

To make your workspace more productive and inviting, consider adding in some natural elements to the space. A plush rug will add cozy vibes and can help you focus by reducing stress, and an essential oil diffuser can bring in an invigorating scent to keep your mind fresh.

The colors you choose can also have a big impact on your productivity. Blues and greens are soothing while yellows and oranges will boost your energy levels. You can also add in some inspiration by using a wire board to pin up photos or framed quotes that motivate you. Lastly, adding in some natural light is crucial for maintaining focus and boosting your creativity. Bright spaces are more stimulating than dark ones, so invest in a lamp or two for your home office.

4. Get Creative

When it comes to designing your home office for productivity, don’t be afraid to express yourself! Adding personal touches to your workspace makes it feel like your own. This could include a patterned rug, curtains or even wall art that reflects your creative interests.

Creative activities not only yield happiness but are proven to increase your problem-solving skills and focus. Try incorporating creativity-boosting activities into your work routine, such as brainstorming sessions or free writing, to help you overcome obstacles that may be limiting your productivity.

You can also create a more productive working environment by using task lighting in the form of directional desk lamps, low-hung pendants or smart bulbs. Blue is a popular color choice for this kind of setting, as it helps with focus and concentration. Other colors that are great for remote work include orange, which is energizing and evoking feelings of optimism and yellow, which stimulates imagination and creativity. Try experimenting with different colors to see which ones you find most effective in your home office!

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