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Choosing the Right Colour Scheme and Interiors

If you are looking to build your first simple house, or simply adding additional living space to an existing home, there are many simple house design tips that will help you achieve maximum efficiency in your building project. Simple, plain floor plan, simple footprint, and clear layout of rooms can all have major cost savings over the lifetime of your house. Simplify Your House Design and Footprint During modern architectural history, homes, for the most part, are generally rectangle in shape. Most have one large open living area with at least two or more bedrooms.

Although rooms appear to be close on one another, the truth is that they are actually not. This is particularly true when it comes to the living areas. You don’t want to buy a house with large windows facing south, where the sun can flood in during the winter months and keep the heat inside during the summer months. A simple house design tip is to install large windows facing the street or other large window, so that the sun’s rays can easily shine through into your home, while still allowing fresh air to flow in.

Another aspect of the simple house design is that you don’t want to make your living area extremely small, or cluttered. Instead, you should strive to create as much open space as possible. This is also one reason why custom home builders are so in demand. Creating simple floor plans saves you the time and expense of building from scratch. Custom home builders will have access to many different types of floors, including wood, concrete, tile, asphalt, carpeting, linoleum, and vinyl. If you find yourself with a hard time choosing the right floor plan, your local custom home builder should be happy to assist you.

If you plan on purchasing a home with simple house design plans, you will want to take your budget into consideration. A simple floor plan is very cost-effective when compared to other home design options, which can be more complex and expensive. You will also want to make sure that your floor plan is the optimal square footage to fit all of the furniture, appliances, accessories, stairs, etc. within the overall dimensions of the home, as well as square footage.

In addition to cost-effective house floor plans, another thing to look for is whether or not your custom home builder offers level changes. Level changes can also help you save money and time on construction, as well as reduce stress during and after construction. Level changes are especially important if you plan on adding on extra rooms, such as a kitchen or bathroom, later down the road. Although not a long term decision, you should definitely consider level changes, as they will save you money in the long run by reducing the amount of foundation cracks, which lead to leaks and structural damage. Also, by making small level changes throughout your house, you can save yourself a lot of time and frustration as you navigate through the home design planning process.

Finally, you should consider your new home’s colours and textures, as well as the types of accessories you would like to add. Neutral colours and subtle furnishings are often the perfect compromise between cost and style, while bright, spacious colours tend to work better with large windows, and metallic, shiny, solid colours can work perfectly with small detailed pieces. Of course, texture can work the other way around as well, so that extremely plain walls work well with bold painted wallpaper, for example. Similarly, extremely detailed wallpapers with subtle details work best with very plain ceilings, while bold stripes and polka dots work well with large, neutral colours. Your custom home builder will be able to help you find the perfect combinations for your new home design plans, so take your time and look carefully before finalising your colour scheme and interior design ideas.

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