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Essential Kitchen Home Appliances

When replacing or upgrading an appliance in your kitchen, it’s essential to select one that will fit seamlessly and offer years of reliable performance.

One of the best places to begin your search for information on major appliances is Consumer Reports (CR), a professional review site that has been around for almost 100 years and is considered one of the most trustworthy sources.


Microwaves are indispensable kitchen appliances that help cook food quickly and maximize available cooking time. They come in various styles and sizes to meet different needs and lifestyles.

One popular way to conceal a microwave is by installing it within a cabinet or other fixed wall unit. These units offer an elegant look in your kitchen, often featuring built-in trim kits that fill in gaps for seamless integration.

Making the placement of a microwave in your kitchen is an important decision that should be considered carefully. Rather than just throwing it in somewhere and hoping it looks nice, take time to plan ahead.


Dishwashers are kitchen home appliances that wash, rinse and dry dishes and utensils. These machines are designed to wash large quantities of items simultaneously using heated water sprayed through spray arms.

These units can either be portable or permanent. A portable dishwasher sits on wheels and rolls to the sink when it’s time for a cycle, while a permanent installation bolts underneath an existing countertop.

Dishwashers come with several cycles, such as the regular wash for everyday messes and heavy-duty wash for heavily soiled dishes. You can choose a delay or quick wash option to accommodate fewer dishes; additionally, some models feature WiFi capabilities so you can control the unit remotely.


The refrigerator is an indispensable appliance in the kitchen. It helps preserve food by maintaining a temperature of four to five degrees Celsius, keeping food fresher for longer.

General Electric (GE), Electrolux and Whirlpool Corporation are three prominent refrigerator manufacturers. In 2005, GE held 29 percent of the market share for standard fridges, while Electrolux and Whirlpool each had 25 percent share.

Refrigerators have become more than just functional; they’ve become energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Manufacturers are investing heavily in research and development to achieve this, while also striving to offer features that make their appliances more user-friendly and convenient, like Wi-Fi enabled touchscreens integrated into fridge doors for added convenience.


A range is an all-in-one appliance, featuring a cooktop and oven in one. It can be used for boiling, baking, roasting or broiling food items.

When shopping for a range, you must take into account the type of burners – gas or electric – as well as any additional features you may want. These may include self-cleaning, convection baking and manual or automatic oven modes.

A range is available in an array of colors and finishes to match your kitchen decor. There are three main types: freestanding, slide-in and drop-in.


Stovetops are superior cooking surfaces commonly used in the kitchen to prepare food. They come in various varieties and can either be gas or electric operated.

When purchasing a cooktop, the type of fuel source it uses has an enormous influence on its functionality, safety and energy efficiency. Therefore, when selecting your new stovetop it is essential to take into account what type of heating source is best suited for you.

Gas is a popular option among culinary connoisseurs due to its instant heat and versatility in cookware. Unfortunately, gas burner grates require more effort to clean, while open-flame cooking poses greater health risks.

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