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Gutter Cleaning Basics

Gutter cleaning is an important process that requires special attention. One of the biggest misconceptions about cleaning gutters is that it can be done without the proper tools and experience. The fact of the matter is, gutters are very dirty and need to be cleaned up properly. Gutters are crucial for protecting your home’s exterior from the weather, but they also carry some very heavy debris that can damage your home. So, how is it possible to clean gutters properly? Here are a few tips for gutter cleaning that will make the job go faster and safer.

A Word of Caution First, before you get started on your gutter cleaning project, be sure to practice extreme caution when working above your rooftops or on ladders. Be sure to use a ladder that is stable and is built specifically for working in and around the gutter. Also, protect your hands with heavy-duty suede gloves and protect your eyes with thick, see through glasses. You do not want any objects to drop and damage your roof or worse, your foundation. Always remember to inspect your roof for weak spots and holes.

Cleaning Rainwater – The right way to gutter cleaning involves using water from the roof to clean the gutters. Most of the time when the rainwater ishes down the roof, it goes into the gutter and clogs them. When the water reaches the bottom of the gutter, it backs up and collects inside the gutter. When this happens, water is continually backing up into your basement flooding your basement. Gutter cleaning with water can easily prevent flooding problems, so be sure to use water whenever possible.

A Few Things You Can Do To Keep Gutters Clean And Clogged Eating Regularly, such as onions, garlic and cabbages may help keep your gutter cleaning efforts successful. If you find that eating too often helps, add more spices and foods to your diet. A couple things you can do to help prevent clogging is keep your gutters clear and empty of debris. Another thing you can do is to keep downspouts clean. There are two types of downspouts, the ones you stick into the ground vertically, and ones that have a mesh net on top.

Gutters Can Get Clogged Anytime – If you let a lot of debris build up along your gutter, the guard can get clogged up and won’t do its job efficiently. The best way to clean these types of guards is to get a professional gutter cleaning service. The average homeowner can usually clean the mesh guards, but a pro will be able to spot clean them, blow dry them and generally keep them spotless. Having a free estimate for this type of work will save you time and money in the long run.

Debris Builds Up On Your Roof If you allow a lot of debris to build up on your roof, it can also stop your gutter cleaning efforts. The heavier and wetter the debris is, the more likely it is to clog your downspouts and cause water damage. Keep debris away from the downspouts by using netting or picking up objects on the roof. Another way to keep things off the roof is to spray the roof with a power washer. Be sure to use the correct nozzle for roof sprayers and never spray water directly onto the structure.

Clogged Gutter If your gutter is not cleaned on a regular basis, it can become clogged with debris and other problems over time. Over time the foam that is used in the lining process to capture debris can build up and begin to weaken. This foam can then trap everything in the gutter, including the smaller debris and insects. It is important to clean your gutter cleaning system every two to three years with an annual maintenance routine.

Whether you are doing the gutter cleaning on your own or using a professional service, there are many benefits to cleaning your gutters on a regular basis. You can eliminate the need for expensive repairs and you’ll have spotless gutter lines and no water damage on your roof. Take the time to clean the gutters and let them last as long as possible by performing annual maintenance and keeping everything off the roof.

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