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Should I Clear a Clogged Drain With a Snake or Hydro Jet?

Clogged drains are not something you should do at any time. Sometimes, clogs appear seemingly out of nowhere and can seriously disrupt your home’s normal functions. What is the best way of clearing a blocked drain? There are a few things that can help you determine the best way to clear clogged drains.

There are many options, but the most efficient two are jetting drains with hydro jets and clearing blockages with a pipe snake. Both are proven to work. Which one is right for you? Let’s solve this problem.

Pipe Snaking

The most popular mechanical solution to clogged drains is the pipe snake or plumbing auger. This tried-and-true method has been a reliable choice for homeowners and plumbers alike. It consists of a cable inside a flexible housing that has a crank and an auger/ claw on the ends. The cable is then fed down the drain until it reaches the blockage. The crank handle will turn, causing the auger or claw to enter the blockage. You can either pull the blockage material from the drain, or break it into smaller pieces that will move toward the sewer.

Hydro Jetting

The latest technology for plumbers is hydro jetting. Drainage jetting employs a flexible, high-pressure hose to reach the blockage. A high pressure stream is used to blast the blockage material into smaller pieces so it can be drained into the sewer. Plumbers will use a waterproof camera to check for pre-existing damage when jetting drains.

Which is right for you?

Both drain clearing methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Pipe snaking can be gentle and safe for pipes of different age and composition. It is not always the best method. Sometimes, remnants of the obstruction may remain even after water flows through the pipe once more. These leftovers will eventually collect material and clog the pipe again.

Drainage jetting is extremely thorough and highly effective against all kinds of blockages. However, it is not gentle. High pressure water can cause further damage to old or damaged plumbing. Hydro jetting is not suitable for all plumbing. When clearing a blocked drain, discretion is key. You should consider all factors and call Clog Kings Plumbing if you are unsure.

This post was written by Joey Denick. Joey is the Owner and Operator of Clog Kings. At Clog Kings, LLC, we pride ourselves on our dedication and efficiency. We know you don’t have time to waste. That’s why we work fast to get your home or commercial building back up and running in no time. If you are looking for Hillsborough county plumbing then look no further because we got you covered!

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